Cleaning Audit Software

VivantFM Cleaning Audit Software in the perfect tool for auditing your cleaning program. VivantFM is web-based software - there are no messy installs - and works through all popular browsers. VivantFM is easy to use, easy to configure and easy to access through any PC, tablet or Smart-phone.

Flexible Scoring Input

VivantFM Cleaning Audit Software offers totally flexible Audit Scoring Systems - Yes/No, Pass/Fail, 1 to 5, 1 to 10, Net Promoter Scoring, freehand input, Image Selection or Emoticons or whatever suits your needs. Audit & inspection forms can be imported or made up in minutes including preselected comments and freehand input with our easy and intuitive Formbuilder app and forms can be configured with photos and GPS location to verify on-site presence.

Dynamic Reporting interface with unlimited Dashboards.

VivantFM offers intuitive reporting filters combined with a powerful Graphic Interface, allowing users to drill down on all aspects of data and quickly identify and track trends and compliance issues. Report generation is a breeze with Managers being able to configure unlimited auto-populating dynamic and static reporting Dashboards for any site or multiple sites.

Customer Surveys & Problem Reporting

Guest logins allow customers and stakeholders to complete surveys or report problems via a QR code or web-link on mobile devices or PC. Surveys can be scored, tracked and reported with standard ratings or Net Promoter Scoring.

Reporting issues and managing and responding to building problems has never been easier.  An incoming problem report will automatically generate an email to the relevant stakeholders to ensure the problem is rectified and responded to.  How easy is that!

Time & Attendance

VivantFM Time & Attendance is the perfect tool for managing staff and contractors attendance on sites or for managing workers working alone. When workers log on, VivantFM records the exact location and time. If required, a log on Checklist and/or log off checklist which the worker must complete can be implemented. Safety checks, Work duties, equipment audit, duty sign-off - what ever your need VivantFM can accommodate.


VivantFM is adaptable to any situation where quality and compliance is a critical factor in service delivery.  In its basic form, VivantFM is a powerful Audit and inspection tool but can be scaled up to a complete Contract Performance Management System. Add-ons include Works Orders, Time & Attendance, Costing and quoting, Invoicing and more - whatever . VivantFM is used in Healthcare, Aged Care, Government, Facility Management, Office Cleaning, Industry, Education, Mining & Resources and Hospitality industries.

Applications include Cleaning, Healthcare audits, food service audit, fire safety, building Inspections and more!

CiMAS is used and recommended by ISS Facility Services

“For over 10 years ISS Facility Services has worked with CiMAS to capture, analyse and report on service performance for many of our larger contracts. During this time we have found the management and staff at CiMAS to be very responsive to our requests, resulting in many new features that have improved our user experience. The web-based CiMAS system has allowed us to streamline our auditing and reporting activities by eliminating time consuming paper-based checklists and the need for manual data entry to generate reports. Features such as GPS mapping, dashboards and drill down reporting in real-time have allowed us to: increase functionality within our business, reduce administration time, proactively manage our contracts and improve service delivery”.

 Glen Mawson - National Development Manager
ISS Facility Services 


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