Independent Cleaning Audits

FM Contract Solutions are independent cleaning auditors.  We are not associated with nor owned by cleaning service providers.  Our cleaning auditors are highly experienced and are objective in their assessment of cleaning quality.

Independent cleaning audits provide a real time snapshot of actual levels of service delivery and quickly determine value for money.  Our team conducts audits on a national basis, eanbling us to benchmark cleaning outcomes at your sites with similar organisations using de-identified data.  External audit services often expose risks to building owners and users including incorrect storage of hazardous chemicals, non compliance with OH&S requirements, test & tag issues and illegal subcontracting.

Our assessments are based on the client’s scope and specifications.  We utilise VivantFM contract management software to perform audits and audit forms can be easily adapted to reflect the client’s existing audit forms and scoring systems.

Our Audits services include

  • Cleaning quality
  • Chemical storage and chemical handling
  • Equipment suitability, maintenance and test and tag compliance
  • OHS compliance
  • Labour checks
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Work Order completion
  • Contract Compliance

Contact us now for a confidential discussion on how we can improve service delivery and cleaning standards in your facility.